Phew what a scorcher, An evening that needed to have the windows open, oh we did, shame we had to have the curtains pulled. I know that the heat affects Jim, but I think the shock of Norwich signing a decent goalkeeper and forward was too much for him and he had to have a lie down. It is always good to see Howard considering the distance he now lives from the club. I was trying to work out if there was any pattern to when he came. Then it hit me, he waits a few weeks until he has some winning tickets to collect and they are presented to him so that he gets a bigger round of applause.
We had another stunning photo of a Pelican from Gordon, I was a bit disappointed that he has shown lots of pictures from the Dalmatian Coast, we have not seen one picture of a Spotty Dog. Is it that those Pelicans with their big beaks can eat one whole.       
My Favourite picture of the evening was “A Drink At Sunset”. I liked the vertical letter box, I’m not sure that I agreed with Gordon that the photographer should have waited half an hour to let the sun sink lower, I know that they were having leisurely drinks on the terrace, by that time the drinks would have been sunk by then.
Leisurely drinks at all inclusive holiday