Most members have got message about length of titles we do get the odd long one now and then, like Mixed Planting at etc. As we have almost got that sorted perhaps now is the time to sort out pronunciation, George tried to help on Tuesday by dropping an L in his title of Port Lligat, he did say he dropped it to help Andy out and who would care (only Sylvia George) but I won’t tell her if you don’t. I propose that if you have got an awkward title to pronounce you send me the correct spelling, for admin purposes only and the back of the print spelt phonetically, it would make it so much easier for us on the night. As it ends up with the three of us trying to say the title correctly and half the club having a go, and probably the author not really having a clue. 
I soon realised that our Outings Secretary’s was in trouble when to get his attention Lin called him Andrew as a fellow Andy being called Andrew is not a good sign.
The first two classes went well with the judges doing a marvellous job, by getting 1st,2nd, 3rd & H.C.’s all on different points, making it so much easier. There was a bit of a problem with the difference between a Buffalo & a Bison. Well you can’t wash your hands in a Buffalo. 
However, the shower that marked the advanced class. I call them that not because they gave me poor marks (well that is part of the reason) they got the first three o/k but not one of them could be bothered to give one of  the 6 highly commended one more mark. Oh no, so I have now got my wrist bandaged up through the strain of writing out those tickets.
My favourite picture of the evening was my Shield Bugs I did not realise they were doing that! I thought they were Siamese Twins, sorry co-joined. 
I’m glad to see that Gordon took my comment of not seeing any pictures Dalmatians and put in a print of some Arctic Wolf Cubs, very sweet but no spots.

That’s better.