Again, I knew it was going to be special evening as the chocolate biscuits were out and there was a warm atmosphere, this helps with chocolate digestives, too hot and the chocolate melts and gets all over your fingers. When it is warm the chocolate sticks to the biscuit next to it so when you pick up one two or three come with it, and it is unhygienic to pull them apart and put them back in the box, so you have to eat them all.
I was worried that Roger got off to a dodgy start, I thought he said natural history was easy, therefore alienating half of  the club, then upsetting the other half by insulting Nikon users. Of course us Olympus users do not get involved with this juvenile war. It would be a bit like Liechtenstein picking a fight with Russia or USA. 
We went from Herons to Soho one type of bird to another, back to natural history then to portraits, making it sound so simple, just ask and then talk them into submission. O/k if you have the gift of the gab.
There was a spot of  Rock & Pop photography, interesting that he said that the size of the stage was the same as ours, perhaps Sylvia could arrange for the Rolling Stones to come for one of our practical evenings, so we can have a go. I’m sure the bingo players will not object to one loud evening.
For all his varied and brilliant images I was disappointed that he did not have a picture of a Dalmatian I know they are not as common as they were. Interesting was that all the pictures were taken in this country. 
Thanks to Sylvia for her email about the pronouncing of the Spanish names, apparently there are a lot of places that begin with a double L, which got me thinking are the Welsh and Spanish genetically linked?