I don’t know why, but ever since last Tuesday I have been singing that famous Danny Kaye song the Emperor’s New Clothes. I don’t know if it was at all dodgy but when he mentioned Rodchenko I immediately thought of Rodders in Only Fools and Horses he won a painting competition, in  an episode the organisers of the competition thought he was only 14.
It was said on Tuesday that this type of art is like Marmite, you either like it or hate it, I like Marmite but I hate it in a sandwich with Strawberry Jam. 
I don’t really know where I stand on this art form I was never any good at geometry at scholl so I guess this explains a lot. 
Gordon suggested that I just post a picture of a black square and leave it at that, however, not appearing to be a philistine, I thought about it a bit more and decided that when we are asked to look at someones photographs we expect to see something we recognise like a landscape or portrait etc. For this type of art we need to think outside the box, but we need to do this quickly before Tony takes a picture of the box, cuts it up in photoshop, shuffles it about and prints it so we no longer see it as a box, or anything else for that matter.
It is a pity that Tony was not at the Hindu Temple with us on Thursday there were plenty of geometric shapes especially in the restaurant. Thinking about the India connection and the Black Hole of Calcutta he could have come up with his own black square. I know we generally think of a hole as being round, but as Bernard Cribbins once sang “Your digging it round and it ought to be square” 
I’m off now to have a Marmite and cheese sandwich, that I do like

Art, Vandalism or Supermatism (without the white background)
How many black squares can you see?