To say I was disappointed on Tuesday would be an understatement. Not because that at the break John Knight said that I should get at least a 14 for my interpretation of the theme, only to get 13.
It was more to do with my subject matter. “Raindrops” with our climate not normally a problem. But from the evening I drew it of the hat we have had the longest drought since 1976, so not wanting to cheat and get the hose pipe out I found some old thing I took ages ago.

There were other people in worse positions though Colin had Halloween he did ask if he could have his image judged after the 31st October. The person that I most felt sorry for was David Lund who drew Snow, we have not had any decent snow around here since 2013. So he had to drag out a picture from his Swiss holiday.

I did notice that there was not a Spiders theme, we had insects but they are not technically an Insect. Also no bird themes was this because we have one or two members that take o/k photos of birds or was it in deference to those people in the club that have a fear of birds and we do not want to distress them. I suggest that we roll this out to cover all club competitions. While we are at it we should ban all landscapes for those with agoraphobia. This will include landscapes with water to help those with aquaphobia, so no waterfalls or waterdrops. Their is also a fear of sport Athlemataphobia, sorry Annie.
That more or less leaves my type of photography, flower

, what do you mean you have a fear of flowers? get over yourself, they won’t hurt you. Well o/k the sap of some will give you a nasty rash, and they can give you Hay Fever, we are only talking about a picture a picture can’t hurt you anyway take some antihistamine.

My almost favourite picture of the evening was dog (that was a brave subject to include). it was a pity that we only had it’s reflection which made it look like a Labrador, looking at the bit of paw that was in the picture it looked like it was a Dalmation, if only you showed us the whole of the dog it would have been my favourite.

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