And our first suprematism picture, and it was produced by none other than our art expert and former Art’s Council rep, Gordon. Who has a well known reputation interpreting great artists. Who can remember “Loads of Monet”? “Give me The Monet”, I’m Only Here For The Monet” and “Monet For Nothing”
Actually only the first one was produced. There was to be a whole panel, but sadly his muse (daughter). Went all Goth on him. Who can ever forget the harrowing and disturbing image of self harm and drug abuse of someone going on a downward spiral of despair and depression. Still looking on the bright side it did do well in club competitions, Every cloud etc.

This lead him to move away from art to pictures of birds on sticks and big pussy cats of which he has some limited success. 

To the picture itself it was obvious to those of us paying attention to Tony’s talk, (yes there was some of us), what 42 was all about. 
The Yellow “S” is the yellow brick road that we travel on in life, to find the end of the rainbow. 42 is of course the meaning of life the two is twisted as life is always twisting and turning. This all, of course’ leads us to the ultimate the Black Square, only in this case it is not entirely black, but has a grey stripe down the side showing that the meaning of life has not been completely discovered. The more observant would have noticed the there is a white semi circle, or is it a whole circle that has not been fully revealed? Well that’s the meaning of life. More Monty Python than Goethe.

Just a few comments on Gordon’s other prints, he still has not managed to capture a Dalmation Pelican with spots. I have also noticed that the birds that he photographs have been getting bigger the last couple of years. Is this because the eyes are going and they are easier to see or they are slower and easier to get sharp. Either way I think they are too big in the frame.