Our meetings are held at Dave and Lin’s stately home. They give the servants the night off  so they can keep the tradition of the Chairman and Treasurer serving the refreshments alive.
We meet in the great dining hall around the grand banqueting table.
The first item on the agenda is apologises for absent. Our President could not make the last meeting due to inclement weather where he works. He was snowed in our under something like that.
Next we go through the minutes of the last meeting. Alf takes each item in turn and we update him on how they are progressing. If we report that we have made no progress then we get one of Alf’s looks. If you are worried about upsetting Lin that is nothing to upsetting Alf. That tut and look over his glasses could leave you a gibbering wreck.
We next have reports from each of the secretaries. 
This month Alf updated us on the insurance claim after the break in. All seems to be going well and we should all have a good Christmas. So, remember if you get a call from the insurance company, you keep your top of the range Nikon/Canon and their marque lenses in the cupboard at the club. However, I’m a bit worried that Alf’s claim for a new lounge carpet due to a leaking radiator will go through. He really should get his own house insurance.
We then take our refreshment break, served on the antique family silver with the Wilcox coat of arms of crossed tripods engraved on it.
We then discuss the most important item on the agenda. Who is providing the cake for the next committee meeting and what will they be making our buying. If you like homemade Bread Pudding see Dave about being on the committee.
After discussing other items on the agenda and any other business we set the date for the next meeting.
We make our way home, being careful to not to wake the servants on our way out as they have to be up at 3:30 to prepare Dave’s cameras for that day’s photography Cleaning the lenses, fresh batteries, empty memory card etc. Thankfully gone are the days when they had to load each camera with film.
Enjoying a well earned break in proceedings.
Chimp’s tea party springs to mind.
Thanks to Andy Brett for the image, he has now become the club’s official photographer. He is hoping to get £1200 that our guest the other week gets for his images as he has included a couple of burnt out highlights.