A Triptych (photographic) meaning:- a group of three images, with a relating theme, or half a panel.
This is the second difficult word we have had to learn this year after Suprematism. There is always someone who has to combine the two and come up with a suprematism triptych. Not sure if our judge really understood it she knows Tony Bramley and therefore presumably understands the concept, perhaps seeing it in a triptych completely threw her.
It was good to see so many entries and a bit worrying, as like our vice chairman I was doing the mental arithmetic and thought that she was going to comment on 240 images, unfortunately those of us that submitted one image split in three and those that flipped one image (same rules apply to panels) were shot down in flames apart from the Red Arrows, who were allowed to land. However, by the time she reached the advanced, those of us that had submitted one image knew our fate and were just dismissed out of hand. A salutary lesson for the future.     
A quick question when does one image count as two? When you show it as a reflection. Personally I thought it was quite clever.
 Again I was disappointed by the Dalmation  Pelicans, there were three images and not one spot, between them.