It’s always an education at the camera club. This week I learnt that there is an animal called a Vicuna. The title of Sharon’s print was called Lone Vicuna, now my eyes are not so good and at first glance it looked like a Goat, I thought it must be a Billy (Goat) no mates.
My education was completed when someone said it was a little deer. Then they were contradicted when someone else said it was dear Deer as it was quite expensive. By that they meant there coat. I have got no sympathy for anyone who wears an expensive coat in an area where mugging and gun crime is rife, you are asking for trouble, it is like using the latest iphone in a well known crime area you are going to get mugged. Actually they are camelids?

We had one or two technical problems on Tuesday, my Mother-in-Law always use to say “Never trust anything that runs on a three pin plug, as it will let you down eventually”, taking heed of her advice I decided to run the laptop on Tuesday off the battery. All was fine until the screen decided that it needed colour calibrating. Trying to stop it proved to be easier said than done, clicking on the white cross in the little red square only seemed to encourage it, but eventually we worked out how to stop it. After a few minutes of peace the battery decided that it had enough for one night and that it needed  sustenance in the form of electricity. Many thanks to Alf for stepping forward and providing the much needed fuel for the laptop in the form of a plug and lead.

Thanks to Kevin for stepping in to put up the prints on Tuesday, when I first saw him on the stage I thought Andy has grown a bit over Christmas, then  I realised who it was. I must however, apologise to him on behalf of myself and Mandy. As we unintentionally played an impromptu game of Confuse A Kev. He was doing a brilliant job of placing the prints in order of points so that he had 1st, 2nd & 3rd in order, only for us to tell him to take the print in third place down, confused he came over and said “I haven’t got a third place now” Then it dawned on us that we knew the print that was being commented on had got a higher score but he didn’t.
Still it all turned out o/k in the end.  

Billy No Mates?