A week in which we saw an new double act, Andy & John, with the sketch, you say Bodiam, I say Boodium and other interesting pronunciations, not helped by some bad speeling! eh Sylvia?
The best joke was if it’s Welsh and unpronounceable try and catch the judge out and get him to pronounce it. However, Dai the judge got it right. 
We also learnt that one of the club’s favourite places to visit on the Essex/Suffolk border, that is associated with the famous landscape artist John Constable, has been bought by the Lord of The (Irish) Dance, Michael Flatley, and is now to be known as Flatley Mill. The art studio has been turned into a dance studio, so the tapping we heard in June was not the hitting of staples to make picture frames but the sound of clogs on the wooden floor. I did wonder how they managed to hammer in unison and with an unusual rhythm. 
You may remember that a few weeks ago we had a visit from the residents of the Home For The Bewildered, and their warden Jeff, who wanted to break the world record for the most people in a selfie, unfortunately his arm was not long enough to take the picture with his iphone, so he had to resort to high tech method instead. See the result below.
What’s that black box on top of that thing with three legs?