Unfortunately Sylvia’s cunning plan to change the judge and wrong foot our opponents did not quite come off. However, our judge made it clear from the start what he liked and what he would give extra marks for. One was Steam Engines, which must of got the Brentwood crowd excited only to find when he got to their print he did not like the fact that is was clean, unlike his cars that were always dirty, this was explained by the fact that he did not get out of his car to take a picture, he just drove over muddy fields etc. to get his shot, presuming the field gate was open, or perhaps he just drove through them and smashed the gate out of the way.
He said he also gave extra marks if a picture was of something he could eat. We now know that he eats Spiders and Pelicans. He also liked little girls, well they are made out of sugar and spice. So you can eat them, but perhaps not all in one go.
Here’s lunch