As I have not had the time lately to write the weekly blog I thought I would give you a quick review of the year so far.
I can say that I’m enjoying the new programme, if I have a criticism it is that those members that have recently been promoted have shown disrespect to both the tradition of the club and to the members that are already established in their respective class. Do they not know that for the first year you should not produce any image that gets more than 49 points and after that slowly improve until the third year you might be tolerated to get a Highly Commended. But no these people start by entering images that get top points.
However, I have been enjoying a new set of prints and digital images and enjoying different people commenting and scoring. Perhaps one way to enjoy the commenting of the images even more would be to introduce a radio 4 “Just A Minute” style, with a panel of members to do the comments, the first one starts if they repeat, deviate or hesitate one of the other members of the panel can stop them a take over.
We were fortunate to have two members evenings, which I enjoyed, I think that Dave must be an honorary member of the Cabbies Union with his intimate knowledge of London although I’m not sure if I was Lin I would let him wander around Soho late at night with his camera. It was good that he passed on his tips on how to improve street portraiture. It was a pity that he did not pass onto George his experience of where to stand/sit when give a talk to the club. As George managed to sit himself to the right of the stage in direct line to the weekly Bernard’s Blast, I enjoyed the fact that he kept going despite tsunami of germs heading towards him. I was not surprised that he did not turn up the following week. 
It was a pity that Andy Midgley could not make it, he is however, sadly mourning his old friend from Wham. Oh sorry that’s Andy Ridgeley.
Well so far I have been really enjoying it may it continue