To try and get Gordon and Dave off of the top spot on the monthly print competitions.
Plan A did not work, this was meant to be a subtle way of encouraging the judges to raise their scores. The more observant among you will have noticed that when I have asked the judges to mark again it is when one of my prints is being scored. What you would not have noticed ( come to think of it neither did the judges) was that my left hand was indicating that they should be going higher with their scores.
There are occasions when people do press the wrong buttons and give a mark in the 90’s, sadly not on any of my prints. 
Plan B is to find members that like my style of photography, mission impossible I know. However, I have found at least three, o/k one is me, therefore I cannot vote for myself, the other is one of our members who gave one of my digital images a 20 not long ago, the other two only gave 16 and 17, they know who they are, and shame on them, hopefully after tonight they will know want real art looks like.
The other person who likes my work, is my Mum, so expect her to join any time soon, and start judging almost immediately. She will be a helpful member of the club, as she is a contemporary of Bernard’s so will be useful helping him collecting the cups.
I think my plan is going to be more successful than Kevin’s I think that walking round with brown envelopes and discretely talking to the scores before the meeting starts is a bit crass.

Any empties ?