Whilst the members of the Upminster branch of the Essex Boot Camp were enjoying their pre workout breakfast of Blueberry Smoothies, Bananas and scrambled egg.  The members of Upminster Camera Club were enjoying their traditional pre shoot breakfast of  a full english breakfast, with a couple of slices of bread and butter, all this is essential to maintain a full stomach so one can rest their camera on something before lifting it to their eye.
After breakfast we started with our warm up, lifting our coffee cups to our lips one last time, then hoisting camera bags onto shoulders, this is the critical time it is easy to strain something and all those weeks of training are out of the window. Then a stroll over to where the Boot Camp training was to take place, some of us were ready for a lie down by then and ready for a massage. There was to be no rest only shame as the Boot Campers came jogging over and not even out of breath. Pulling on that Lycra would have me exhausted.
While they rushed about, we wandered around, nearly getting knocked over, after an hour we were all fit to drop and have a rub down with a wet towel.
The happy campers went of for a warm down and a post work out lunch of grilled chicken, not so for us intrepid photographers it was home to down loading our images before a post photo shoot lunch of roast beef and all the trimming followed by apple crumble and custard.

Taking A Rest UCC Style
Taking (A WELL EARNED) Boot Camp Style