It was too good an opportunity to miss, when Lin asked what the prizes should be for the competition, I quickly raised my hand (well actually both hands) for Maltesers. Well they are Janet’s favourites and as I have not got her Christmas present yet I thought if I could get on the winning team it would save me going out Christmas Eve for her present.
My expectations rose when I saw Eric & John at the first table with no one with them, knowing they were on the winning side for the last 3 years I quickly joined them, elbowing several people out of the way first.
My confidence did not last very long as once again the rules were changed for the competition, well it does keep us on our toes. 
We also seemed to have people coming in off the street with a chance to get warm and the possibility of leaving with a box of chocolates. 
The prints were split into four piles one for each table, giving up I volunteered to help Lin.  
The competition started with Gordon & Dave sharing the judging duties. Dave has obviously got great respect for Gordon’s judging skills  and soon morphed into him declaring everything was too big in the frame, while Gordon seemed obsessed with black mounts with white edges, something that has been playing on his mind for thirty odd years and he has been waiting for his revenge.
The winning team was B, thanks to one of my prints giving them maximum points I thought they might show their appreciation with each team member giving up 3 or 4 of their Maltesers so that I might present Janet with something on Christmas Day, so back to panic buying just when I thought everything was organised.
Good to see Richard,Joe & Alf victorious again so soon after their Safari win