It was good to see that this year’s party was more of a religious theme. It was impossible to recreate the Nativity the committee was going to invite external judges to represent the three wise men, but we could not think of any that suited the role, and we did not have a baby to place in the manger (glad you didn’t ask, Andy?).
We did however, manage to recreate some miracles with Lin playing the part of Jesus, (we are nothing if not a equal opportunities club) by feeding the 50ish with loaves or in our case rolls and fishes & chippies and Manna from Heaven or Wallies.
The rest of us did our bit by turning Wine and/or Lager into water.  
The meal gave me the chance to ask Gordon how you work out the correct balance between too big in the frame and too much negative space, thinking I might require a doctorate in Pure Mathematics or need to know Einstein’s theory of relativity, or make a phone call to Stephen Hawkins. He said I will just explain, he opened up his serviette, blew his nose open it put it away and said you just know, and hope the judge agrees with you.

He then turned his attention to auctioning off the unopened drink, causing one married couple to bid against each other, sparking a domestic.
 Mandy claimed to have people bidding on the phone, although I think she was on the phone to her Spanish contacts to see if it was worth buying now or waiting to they moved out there.

Soon it was time to go and wish each other a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Our newly appointed official photographer unfortunately could not make it, so I have posted a picture of him below.