There is always a sense of excitement and anticipation when we get a new judge comes to judge our work, what they like and dislike and this week was no exception, when our very own Andy Brett critiqued and scored our outings efforts.
We soon found out what his disliked monochrome and reflections, this put Rana on a hiding to nothing with his monochrome reflection. The poor man is distraught his first ever print being crushed like that, he may never take another picture again.
Surprising for someone that has obviously got some sort of colour blindness that he should not like black and white. He had problems with greens and was hoping that our “green” expert Gordon would be available to help him out, he also had problems with red, see below.
What did he like? You could not tell by the outings themselves as they were varied, well I have come to the conclusion, by looking at the winning images, it is women and old buildings. Where will this years outings be taking us? Gay Pride? The Shard? probably not.

The dull less than colourful AJ. Below the brightly coloured AJ