As I’m writing this it is being confirmed by PAGB, EAF and the RPS that we have the oldest member to have won an annual club print competition, over the years there have been several septuagenarians but never an octogenarian.
I have informed the Guiness Book of Records and once they have official confirmation they will include it in their next edition.
Of course an entry into the Guiness Book of Records is not a first for the club, Eric will be joining Bernard in the book as he is the holder of the longest and tallest foam cup tower. (83) this was achieved during the last Windmill Trophy Competition. 
Eric’s success comes 30 years since his last print of the year win. Soon after his last triumph he knew the exact image he wanted, and he has been working to achieve that ever since, he bought his first puppy a couple of weeks later and has been busy breeding since then to get the cute look he was after.
I asked Eric what his next goal was and it is to be the centurion to win but first he has to get over his aversion to Cats and capture the cute kitty look.

Looking for the next winning image