Upminster People 2018

( A Light-Hearted Look)

I was off to the Stewart Avenue Allotments Open Day to take some photos for the project and to judge their photographic competition (don’t get any ideas Stephen).
Dave was hoping to join me, then he remembered that he was going on the exotically named Upminster Carriage Ride. I didn’t think was as grand as it sounded, my suspicions were aroused when Lin asked if anyone had any old Jam Jars they didn’t want and Dave was seen in the local pet shop buying a couple of dozen Goldfish.
So I think they were reprising their old business when they were known as the Steptoes of Upminster. (No points in guessing who was Albert and who was Harold).
Getting people to take part in the project is very interesting, some are really interested and sign up to the idea straight away, others are a bit more wary and say they are not photogenic, but they can be persuaded. Then there are those that outright refuse. What you have to realise is these are the most vulnerable, as they usually have something to hide, mainly from the Tax Man, Police or their partners so you have to tease out their stories. This makes them vulnerable to blackmail. Of course Upminster Camera Club does not condone this unlawful act and anyone caught will instantly be expelled from the club. Unless of course you donate at least 25% of your ill gotten gains to club funds.  

I would urge people to get involved taking photographs for the project, you do meet interesting and sometimes famous people, (see Below)
You need to take their name and a brief description about themselves, as I did of the famous person I met on Saturday.

Name Gareth Southgate
England Football Team Manager
Gareth started his career in a farmers field, as a security guard for Graham “Turnip Head”Taylor scaring off crows.
Gareth was sent by the FA to Stewart Avenue Allotments on Saturday, after England again failed to win the World Cup, he has been asked to carry out a feasibility study to see if it would a better use of resources if the Football Association dug up the pitch at Wembley and turned it into allotments.