Just as I was looking forward to the Laing/Deer partnership getting together again for the Metre Cup. Imagine my disappointment to find it was not my usual glamorous assistant but her not so glamorous Old Man, he might have been a bit more glamorous if he had a shave.
However, he did enter a picture of the lovely Mikey, a lovely cute, handsome little chap he obviously does not take after his maternal grandad.

Congratulations to Martyn for winning the Still Life competition, I did wonder during his excellent talk that he skimmed over the bit about glass & reflections.
Looking at his other entries I could see that I could not compete with crystals and Champagne. Not with Polystyrene Cup and Milk Stout.

Congratulations to Sarah for her winning print of the club’s Guinea Pig. She was fortunate that it was her turn to look after the animal and to get a picture of it sitting in it’s yellow cup. As it was Brian’s good luck to be it’s guardian when he had to take a his Theme in a Hat picture of  Domestic Animal.

I would like to be it’s keeper for my “Peruvian Delicacies” entry for next years food photography competition.

 Potted Guinea Pig & Chips.