We are all proud to hear of our recent successes in the inter club competitions, and our thanks go to the authors of the various images used, and to the panel of members that select them Using their knowledge of the particular judge for each competition and knowing the oppositions strengths and weakness.
However, all this comes at a cost, a very heavy financial one. In fact Lin has threatened not to pay for anymore engraving of these trophies as the cost is bring the club into insolvency. 
Also my storage fees are not cheap, I used to have them on display in the house telling visitors that I won them, but the dusting and polishing became too much, so now I keep them in the loft, the floor of which has had to be strengthened to carry the weight, again another expense. 
The committee is carefully considering how to deal with this.
One suggestion is that the authors of the images and the selection panel split the cost between them. Serving them right for be so clever.
Another that Kevin resigns and that I take over and therefore will choose my images and anyone else who gives me a large brown envelope stuffed full of cash.
Perhaps the most sensible idea is that we adopted the “Safari Mentality” where we come second in the competition this will still be good for club moral but less expensive. 
Your thoughts and ideas will be appreciated.