The still life competition always has me searching around the house looking for subjects to pose and photograph. It seems that other members do the same, and this gives an interesting insight as to what our members are like. Well the conclusion I have come to is that we are glutinous, alcoholic lot.
Avtar likes to have a little bit of a tipple, although he ensures me that it was cold tea and that he poured it all back after, well I will check next year as I have noted theĀ  levels on the bottles I will take a small amount into consideration for evaporation.
Then there was Iris’s wine glasses, is that what the background looked like before or after she finished the bottle? or was it to do with the magic mushrooms in her other image?
Jean is in denial, and hides her G&T in a flower vase and blames the cut flowers. (Personally I pour mine on the lawn, so that it comes up half cut.)
Although we did get to see another spectacular image of her ashtray collection.
It appears John Hastings doesn’t do much DIY as those screws looked a little bit too shiny for me.
Those of you that were hoping to borrow Sue’s Ivory Chess set, make a copy with resin, then grind down the original to sell on the Chinese black market as an aphrodisiac, you’re too late, how do you think she could afford all that camera equipment?

Let’s Have Another Bottle, the lines might straighten.