It is always good to try something new and last week saw a new method of judging. We now have our very own Regan & Lacey. Our version of the good cop bad cop of photo critiquing Waterman & Bramham. Just as you think you may have a half decent image up comes Gordon to shoot you down in flames. Your artistic masterpiece won’t pass the mustard with the judges, because cut something off or something on the edge of the frame, that no one else has noticed keeps drawing the eye.
Gordon introduced a quizz, which was really for anyone well into their seventies.
I don’t think our average ages are quite that old. Someone called Arthur somebody, there were several guesses English, Askey, Mullard (he did have hit in 1978 with “Your The One That I Want”  though he was not a singer, if you heard it you would know why)
Turns out it was Tracy. Spencer & Dick’s brother.
The advanced section was back to our usual method, one person commenting. This was Dick’s turn to impress us with his knowledge and experience. However, all did not go to plan, after admitting he was not an expert, while talking about an abstract of Brighton Pier. It all went wrong after that, his comments not matching the scores.
Never mind Dick, I had a word with John afterwards, next time you are critiquing he will whisper the score when he puts the print up, so that you can tailor your comments appropriately.