Judge: Sarah Kelman ARPS DPAGB

Another informative evening from our judge and for those of us who spent the week trying to work out how to improve our prints following last weeks comments and trying to change titles and mount colours it was frustrating and confusing, I thought a mount was either Off White, White or Black, who knew how much of a difference it made?

I would like to dismiss the rumours that Dave tried to change the title of “Cindy” to”Derrick At The Weekend”

My commiserations goes to Dick who has produced some excellent images of Kayakers & Canoeists over the year only for judges to say should have been going through the gates, all the gate should be shown should not have shown the gate, never mind Dick one day the right image will match the right judge. It was ironic that from being impressed by the places and distances club members had travelled to get amazing images, that she chose one that had been taken in the winners back garden.


1st Connie by Bob Weir

2nd Cereal Killer by Bob Weir

3rd Rose by Bob Weir

Cereal Killer



1st Stourhead by Andy Shorey

2nd Sorry But We Can’t Stop by Peter Wills

3rd Cavalry Officer by Peter Wills

H.C. White Vases by Iris Donovan

H.C. Pink Lily on Satin by Iris Donovan

H.C. A Different Point of View by Eric Morley


Sorry But We Can’t Stop
Cavalry Officer

White Vases
A Different Point of View


1st Granny’s Bonnet by Andy Laing

2nd The Rag & Bone Man by Dave Wilcox

3rd Beautiful Female Demoiselle by Brian Clark

H.C. Crummock Water by Brian Clark

Granny’s Bonnet
Rag & Bone Man
Beautiful Female Demoiselle
Crummock Water
Andy Laing: Winner advanced class and colour print of the year
Andy Shorey: winner Intermediate class
A selection of our winning images