1st Whitby Abbey by Dave Wilcox

2nd Lilac Breasted Roller by Rana Chakraborty

3rd Brightlingsea Pool by Brian Clark

H.C. A Steadying Rail by Martyn Addison-Smith

H.C. A Brecon Reservoir by David Lund

H.C. Kingfisher by Joe Travasso

Whitby Abbey
Lilac breasted roller
Brightlinsea Pool
A Steadying Rail
A Brecon Reservoir


1st Love In A Mist by Iris Donovan

2nd De La Warr Pavilion by Iris Donovan

3rd Jeremy Chardy by Jean Gerrish

H.C. Three Objects-Long Live The King by Richard Saville

H.C. Dark Chanting Goshawk by Richard Saville

Love in the Mist
De La Warr Pavilion
Jeremy Chardy
Three Objects-Long Live The King
Dark Chanting Goshawk


1st Salmon Fishing Fleet Copper River Delta, Alaska

2nd Connie by Bob Weir

3rd St Andrews by Peter Owen

Salmon Fishing Fleet, Copper River, Alaska
St. Andrews