Before the evening got started, I think we heard the most implausible excuse for not paying your annual subscription on time. When Eric told Lin that he could not pay his subs as he was on Sky. I don’t know much about the interweb, but I don’t think your service provider can stop you using online banking.

Although I think Sylvia had asked him if he would go to The Scottish Highlands and he was just letting him know that he was there, she had already arranged for Jeff & Sarah to go to the Scottish Islands, this is all so that if Margaret Soraya can’t make the Zoom meeting on the 20th because of new Scottish lockdown measures, she will n longer be allowed to Zoom down south, we will still be able to see stunning pictures from the Highlands & Islands. Eric will have to practise his scottish accent and dress up as a lady, even though it is not the week-end.

The evening provided us with a first. The longest time an image has been displayed on the screen without a comment or a mark. Which I think was terribly unfair to Dick as he did not know when to move on.

We learnt that the new best thing in photoshop is the dehaze tool, how photography has done so well through the years I will never know. Although how it ever managed to survive prior to Photoshop is a mystery.