Our lecturer for the evening was Margaret Soraya, the photographic worlds answer to Greta Garbo.

Her photography took us through Scotland via the rest of the world, my favourite was the canoeing pub crawl, can you be found drunk in charge of a canoe? A great trip but some very out of focus pictures.

When I heard her mention Iceland and only being there for 3 minutes I thought she had taken part in Supermarket Sweep, but it was only to take a picture of the erupting volcanoe.

Just before she showed us her pictures of Scotland she asked if we would like a wee break, how did she know? It was certainly a relief

After the break she started name dropping, asking if we knew St. Kilda. personally only on nodding terms.

One of the advantages of photographing Scotland is the long daylight hours, with a short night, meaning that if you want to take a sunrise you have to get up an hour before you go to bed.

Getting soaking wet and cold but still having fun with her camera