First a bit about the Lane Still Life Trophy. It was donated to the club by a past member Joan Lane, who was an excellent Still Life photographer, but was frustrated by the lack of success still life photography had in club and other competitions. The trophy was to encourage and improve the genre.

Over the years the quality has improved, and I think Joan would have been particularly proud and pleased this year, as personally I think this year has been the best so far with every entry having been given a lot of thought.

I’m not sure if this was due people having more time due to Coronavirus, although it does seemed to have some effect on some members mental health.

Iris, what were you thinking of ? Apple won’t work unless you have got your Mac on, I know you feel a bit silly wearing it indoors when it’s not even raining but I’m surprised your mate Steve did not tell you this.

Jean got her sayings mixed up. “A stitch in time keeps the Doctor away”

John’s therapy has paid off, hours of stacking staples, to forget his troubles, when you have finished with them you can always add them to your dinner as part of a staple diet.

Joe and Dick going back to their childhoods Joe with his messy painting and Dick with his comic books.

The Metre Cup had more of the traditional close ups that we are use to, although I hope the portraits were pre Covid or the subjects were in your bubble.

Dave was the only one of us to have the good sense to choose props that you can eat afterwards and John’s “Holey Stones” were obviously a pre therapy image.

A Stitch In Time Saves Your Apple