Firstly, Dave’s winning streak came to sudden end and he was again on tea making duties. Although how anyone could eat anything after seeing that poor Hippopotamus I don’t know, I’ll never eat Tripe again, come to think of it I’ve never eaten it anyway.

I’m sure we all felt sorry for that poor Leopard that had to drag the young Giraffe to the shade of the tree, it probably could not get a home delivery slot until next Thursday and then only between 6 & 7. Then they would have brought a Warthog. I wonder if it would have prefered photographers or non photographers as dining companions, I expect we all taste the same, a bit like Baboon.

I guess we would all like to be able to go on Safari and get the opportunity to take pictures like Bob, however, I will take myself down to the great plains of Kent and go to The Big Cat Sanctuary

Lunch Anyone?