1st Ullswater Tree by Brian Clark

2nd Orwell Wrecks by Brian Clark

3rd Autumn Light by Eric Bush

H.C. Glencoe by Eric Bush

H.C. Young Kingfisher by Joe Travasso

H.C. Spiral Stairs by John Knight

H.C. The Breakwater In Mono by John Knight

H.C. Longhorn Beetle by Rana Chakraborty

H.C. Godafoss Falls by David Lund

H.C. Blackburian Warbler by Reg Mellis

Ullswater Tree
Orwell Wrecks
Autumn Light
Young Kingfisher
Spiral Stairs
The Breakwater in Mono
Longhorn beetle
Godafoss Falls


1st Funghi Reflection by Iris Donovan

2nd Geranium by Jean Gerrish

3rd Pink Tulips by Iris Donovan

Funghi Reflection

Pink Tulips


1st In Memory Of My Dad by Malcolm Hines

2nd At The Water’s Edge. Somewhere In Canada by Malcolm Hines

3rd Let’s Go Fly A Kite by Peter Owen

In Memory Of My Dad
At the waters edge. Somewhere in Canada
Let’s go fly a kite