An evening in which Sylvia got excited to find out there were things that her and Dick could do in the dirt, that they had not tried yet. though they would have to climb half way up a mountain to do it.

Julie explained to us that as a wildlife photographer, you had to be a bit lucky to be at the right place at the right time. you could find a load of Hares

at one place one day and they would be somewhere else the following day, hence the expression “Hare to-day gone To-morrow”

We were down at lochside later on to see a semi aquatic mammal, there was no snow in these images so it must have been a little Otter.

We were also shown pictures of Herons, who build very large nests, presumably because they lay very large eggs.

There is breaking news on the banning of a certain member.

The government has done another u turn, the ban on a member of Upminster Camera Club has been lifted, after Professor Whitty admitted that it was brought in as he was jealous of her “slides”, that were far more superior to his (we know how you feel Chris). He is quoted as saying “I have tried this Suprematism lark with my Coronavirus Charts but the RPS did’t like it so I took my frustration out on this person, for which I apologise, but she is still banned from going out and taking pictures of the snow”