The evening started pre lockdown with with a look at the weddings that they photographed, Jeff talked us through the different pictures he had taken of the happy couple during their special day. (This was my favourite part Jeff)

Then lockdown came along and Sarah came into her own, put Jeff on furlough and started to develop (excuse the pun) and diversify their business. Now the evening got off to a bit of a disjointed start as several members went outside their properties to light a candle for the Care Workers. Most came back to say there was hardly any or no other people in their street taking part. This could possibly have been due to a scarcity of candles.

Sarah’s first set of photographs were from a product shoot, and it soon became clear why there was a candle drought, as all the way up the stairs on the window sills there were hundreds of candles, in the pictures.

She then went on to show us her family pictures and explained how she was developing her own style by using a long lens, this is of course very commendable at this time, because she can still work and keep social distancing. It is also useful when taking pictures of children, as I always think that the commercials for washing pods give good advice when at the end they say “Keep away from children” I follow this religiously.

She then went on to her “Dogging” pictures, well that made me look, only to be greeted by a picture of a cute dog.

We also learnt that during lockdown Jeff became a dab hand with a French Stick and a couple of Babs. So I’m looking forward to their next talk where Sarah tells us how to make dough from your photographs and Jeff will show us how to take photos of your dough.

Dogging Doggies