1st Echinacea Tutu by Iris Donovan

2nd Let There Be Light by David Lund

3rd Leake Tunnel by Iris Donovan

H.C. Goshawk With Road Kill by Rana Chakraborty

H.C. In The Forest by Rana Chakraborty

Echinacea Tutu
Let there be light
Leake Street Tunnel
Goshawk With Road Kill
In the Forest


1st Under 10’s Action by Jean Gerrish

2nd Cucumber Slicer by Paul Vine

3rd Broadway Tower by Steve Spurgeon

Under 10’s Action
Cucumber Slicer
Broadway Tower


1st We Can Do This by Chris Pugh

2nd Flea Bitten Grey by Chris Pugh

3rd Tandem by Chris Pugh

We can do this!
Fleabitten Grey