1st Flower Art by Iris Donovan

2nd Arctic Sunsets by David Lund

3rd Wyoming Brook by John Hastings

H.C. Norwegian Reflections by David Lund

H.C. Park Life by Iris Donovan

H.C. Rivulets in the Sand by Iris Donovan

H.C. Westonbirt Arboretum by Sylvia Williams

H.C. Lest We Forget by Dave Wilcox

Flower Art
Arctic Sunsets
Wyoming Brook
Norwegian Reflections
Park Life
Rivulets in the sand
Westonbirt Arboretum
Lest we forget


1st The Volunteers by Jean Gerrish

2nd RHS Wisley Autumn Details by Richard Saville

3rd Spring in Thorndon Woods by John Baker

H.C. Avtar Matharu by Richard Saville

H.C. Flower Girls Madeira by Malcolm Hines

H.C. From My Window by John Baker

H.C. Thank You For The Music by John Baker

The Volunteers
RHS Wisley Autumn Details
Spring In Thorndon Woods
Avtar Matharu
Flower Girls
From My Window


1st Lest We Forget by Chris Pugh

2nd Unknown Soldiers by Chris Pugh

3rd Flower Girl by Andy Vallance

H.C. RRS Sir David Attenborough by Peter Owen

H.C. 3 Heads are Better Than 1 by Chris Pugh

Lest We Forget
Unknown Soldiers
Flower Girl
RRS Sir David Attenborough
3 Heads are better than 1