It is often said that lectures/talks by our members are always better than those given by outside speakers. Tuesday night was no exception, what could have been a dry and boring talk, (some of us can still remember Sense & Sensitometry). Was an informative, educational, practical and entertaining evening. Our talk/demonstration was given by Paul Hammond a member of the club. With help from his glamorous assistant Paul. He gave us a quick summary of his photographic history, from working with his dad in the darkroom, through his career in photography and teaching.

Preparing the tin plate with chemicals.

Paul then went on to explain the process and the chemicals used and how they worked. Then a practical demonstration of loading the plate and taking the picture. Through to development and the final image

Through The Viewfinder
Taking The Picture
Developing The Plate
Fixing The Image (no Sarah hasn’t been goosed, the flash was so bright it was startling)
The Final Step, after coating
Preserved forever