The committee has been concerned for some time that members who have not submitted work into monthly competitions have become bored and disinterested during the meeting, nodding off looking at phones etc.To make the evening more interesting and entertaining, we have decided to make it more fun.

Starting from the new competition year the titles of the images will not be displayed or read out, instead, one of the members will act out the title, like charades. However, this will mean that all titles must be the title of Book, film, play, T.V. programme and poems. This should engage all members. Hopefully, this will help to shorten the long titles that have been creeping back in over the last few years. Therefore, “The non stop train from London (Euston) to Edinburgh (Waverley Street) leaving at 12am” Will now be called “Midnight Express”.

The committee are quite excited by the new format and hopefully the members will also.