1st Swanage Sunset by Kevin Sykes

2nd Southwark Cathedral by Chris Ward

3rd Bamburgh Castle by Kevin Sykes

H.C. This is Me-Tony by Chris Ward

Swanage Sunset
Southwark Cathedral
Bamburgh Castle
This Is Me-Tony


1st Preening by Bob Brabner

2nd Ruling The Roost by Chris Pugh

3rd Deep Serenity by Chris Pugh

H.C. Taking The Strain by Alf Ellis

Ruling The Roost
Deep Serenity
Taking The Strain


1st Ape Man by Peter Owen

2nd Joi de Vivre by Peter Owen

3rd Harvest Mouse by Peter Owen

H.C. RRS Sir David Attenborough by Peter Owen

Ape Man
Joi de Vivre
Harvest Mouse
RRS Sir David Attenborough