1st Found In The Mist-A Forever Love by Chris Ward

2nd Vortex Dynamics of The Verdigris Nebula by Chris Ward

3rd A Dogs Life by Sarah Oliver

H.C. Portrait of A Portrait Painter by Malcolm Hines

Found In The Mist – A Forever Love
Vortex Dynamics of The Verdigris Nebula
A Dogs Life
Portrait of a Portrait Painter


1st 90 Seconds by Alf Ellis

2nd War Horses by Chris Pugh

3rd WWW. Wringing Wet Wrestling by Chris Pugh

H.C. The Warm Up by Chris Pugh

90 Seconds
War Horses
WWW Wringing Wet Wrestlers
The Warm up


1st A Day in September by Peter Owen

2nd Fair Game by Peter Owen

3rd The Trees Can See by Peter Owen

A day in September
Fair Game
The Trees Can See