1st This is Me Tony by Chris Ward

2nd The Long Shadow by John Knight

3rd London Bridge & Building The City by Chris Ward

H.C. The Harley by Chris Ward

H.C. Towering Reflections by Chris Ward

H.C. Church Ruin by John Knight

H.C. An Immovable Object by Kevin Sykes

This Is Me – Tony
The Long Shadow
London Bridge & Building The City
The Harley
Church Ruin
An Immovable Object


1st Spirit Walker by Chris Pugh

2nd Ruling The Roost by Chris Pugh

3rd May The Force Be With You by Chris Pugh

H.C. Black Swan by Chris Pugh

H.C. Thorns On My Side by Chris Pugh

H.C. Late Afternoon Sun by Jean Gerrish

Spirit Walker
Ruling The Roost
May The Force Be With You
Black Swan
Thorns On My Side
Late Afternoon Sun


1st Big Wheel Llandudno by Peter Owen

2nd Deep in Thought by Gary Carter

3rd Ki Yoho by Gary Carter

Big Wheel LLandudno
Deep In Thought
Ki Yoho