1st Assasination by Dave Wilcox

2nd Embarking On A Journey by Chris Pugh

3rd First Sign of Spring by Iris Donovan

H.C. After The Love Has Gone by Chris Pugh

H.C. Bluebell Dream by Dick Williams

H.C. Hoopoe by Reg Mellis

H.C. Kingfisher with Stickleback by Reg Mellis

H.C. Bearded Reedling (having a scratch) by Reg Mellis

H.C. Migrant Hawker by Brian Clark

H.C. Demise of The Tulip by Iris Donovan

H.C. A Walk on the Wild Side by John Hastings

H.C. Savi’s Warbler by David Lund

H.C. Argentine ‘Banana’ Tango by Chris Ward

H.C. Drawer of Unconditional Love by Chris Pugh

H.C. Red Admiral by Brian Clark

H.C. Gatekeeper by Dave Wilcox

Embarking on a Journey
First Sign of Spring
After the love has gone
Bluebell Dream
BEARDED REEDLING having a scratch
Migrant Hawker
Demise of the Tulip
A Walk On The Wild Side
Savi’s Warbler
Argentine (Banana) Tango
Drawer of Unconditional Love
Red Admiral


1st Wasp Has Got This Licked by Alf Ellis

2nd Cloud Surfing St. Ives Bay by Brian Titchiner

3rd Stairway To The Sky by Brian Titchiner

H.C. Spot The Statue by Jean Gerrish

H.C. Tongues Are Longer Than You Think by Alf Ellis

Wasp has got this licked
Cloud Surfing St Ives bay
Stairway to the Sky
Spot the Statue
tongues are longer than you think


1st Inquisitive by Gary Carter

2nd Look At Me by Gary Carter

3rd Feline Fine by Gary Carter

H.C. The Weather Vane by Chris Walters

look at Me
Feline Fine
The weather vane