1st Sunrise Over The Carpathians by Chris Ward

2nd. Dawn Rising by Chris Ward

3rd Medway Wreck b Dave Wilcox

H.C. Sunrise Below The Sea by Chris Ward

Sunrise Over The Carpathians
Dawn Rising
Medway Wreck
Sunrise Below The Waves


1st Light & Shade by Brian Titchiner

2nd Face Of The Storm by Brian Titchiner

3rd Trunk & Stump by Bob Brabner

H.C. Wedding Rehearsal by Jean Gerrish

H.C. Impressive by Alf Ellis

H.C. Autumn Colours in Epping Forest by Brian Titchiner

Light & Shade
The Face of the Storm
Trunk & Stump
Wedding Rehearsal
Autumn Colours Epping forest


1st Superstructure by Gary Carter

2nd Sunset by Gary Carter

3rd Leading Lines by Glen Chandler

Another Day Done