1st Petal Art by Iris Donovan

2nd Accoutrements by Chris Pugh

3rd More Faces Of Tony by Chris Ward

H.C. They Know Who’s King by Chris Ward

Petal Art
More Faces Of Tony
They Know Who’s King


1st Aspects Of The Millennium Wheel by Alf Ellis

2nd Boats of The Lake District by Peter Owen

3rd Ickworth House by Petr Owen

H.C. Star Fish and Urchin by Richard Saville

H.C. Southend in Winter Sunshine by Richard Saville

Aspects Of The Millenium Wheel
Boats of the Lake District
Ickworth House
Starfish and Urchin
Southend in Winter Sunshine


1st My Woodland Gymnast by Christine Walters

2nd Hats A Wrap by Gary Carter

3rd Tools of The Trade by Gary Carter

My woodland gymnast
Hats A Wrap
Tools Of The Trade