1st Tower Bridge Underpass by Dave Wilcox

2nd The Temptress by Chris Pugh

3rd Village Church Lofoten by Brian Clark

H.C. Touched by The Sun by Chris Pugh

Tower Bridge Underpass
The Temptress
Village Church Lofted
Touched by The Sun


1st Surviving The Maelstrom by Brian Titchiner

2nd On Reflection by Brian Titchiner

3rd Convergence by Brian Titchiner

H.C. Welcome With Open Arms by Brian Titchiner

Surviving The Maelstrom
On Reflection
Welcome With Open Arms


1st The Lovely Madhri by Gary Carter

2nd The Lovely Mellekiou by Gary Carter

3rd Comman Tower by Gary Carter

The Lovely Madhuri
The Lovely Mellekiou