1st The Abandoned Croft by John Hastings CPAGB

2nd Short Eared Owl by Brian Clark

3rd The Wave in Pastel by John Hastings CPAGB

H.C. Seamless by Chris Pugh

H.C. Chestnut Bellied Rock Thrush

H.C. Freesia by Iris Donovan

H.C. Sunset at Dulmore Beach by John Hastings CPAGB

The Abandoned Croft
Short Eared Owl in Flight
The Wave In Pastel
Chestnut – bellied Rock Thrush
Sunset At Dulmore Beach


1st Kings College Chapel by Brian Titchiner

2nd Squabble by Don Brown

3rd Red Bull Gives You Water Wings by Brian Titchiner

H.C. Angel Wings by Don Brown

H.C. Do My Antlers Look Big In This by Don Brown

H.C. Gardens By The Bay by Jean Gerrish

Kings College Chapel

Red Bull Gives You Water Wings
Angel Wings
Do My Antlers Look Big In This
Gardens By The Bay


1st Eccentric by Glen Chandler

2nd Cool Dude By Gary Carter

3rd Late Evening Tide by Gary Carter

H.C. The Lovely Ciza by Gary Carter

H.C. Gotcha by Mark Wells

Cool Dude
Late Evening Tide