1st Chimney Charlie by Chris Pugh

2nd Corner Defences by Chris Ward

3rd I Dreamed A Dream by Chris Pugh

H.C. Abandoned Bride by Chris Pugh

H.C. Ready To Fly by Chris Pugh

H.C. Amy by Iris Donovan

H.C. Turf Fen Drainage Mill by Brian Clark

Chimney Charlie
Corner Defences
I Dreamed A Dream
Abandoned Bride
ReadyTo Fly
Turf Drainage Mill


1st Ynsllanddwyn, Anglesey by Brian Titchiner

2nd Aberaeron Groyne by Brian Titchiner

3rd Parked For The Night by Alf Ellis

H.C. Lifts by Jean Gerrish

Ynsllanddwyn, Anglesey
Aberaeron Groyne
Parked For The Night


1st Cigar and A Large Scotch by Gary Carter

2nd Oppression by Gary Carter

3rd Urban Wave by Gary Carter

Cigar And A Large Scotch
Urban Wave