1st There Is A Storm Coming In by John Hastings

2nd An Abstract View Of Battersea Chimney by Dick Williams

3rd Brick Lane Gent by Dave Wilcox

H.C. Light Fantastic by Malcolm Hines

H.C. Emerald Damselflys Mating by Brian Clark

There Is A Storm Rolling In
An Abstract view of Battersea Chimney

Brick Lane Gent
Light Fantastic
Emerald Damselflys mating


1st Reflecting Windmill by Kevin Petts

2nd Cloud Reflection by Joh Baker

3rd You’ll Have Someones Eye Out by Don Brown

H.C. Fifty Shades of Decay by Brian Titchiner

H.C. Look Into My Eyes by Don Brown

Reflecting Windmill
Cloud Perfection
You’ll Have Someones Eye Out
Fifty Shades of Decay
Look Into My Eyes


1st Grooming by Mark Wells

2nd Reach For The Sky by Mark Wells

3rd Puddle Power by Glen Chandler

Reach for the sky
Puddle Power