1st Chimney Charlie by Chris Pugh

2nd Awakening by Chris Ward

3rd Abandoned Bride by Chris Pugh

H.C. Having A Cross To Bare by Chris Pugh

H.C. Go 12 Go by Chris Pugh

H.C. Mossfell Church by John Hastings

H.C. Beeleigh Weir by Brian Clark

Chimney Charlie
Abandoned Bride
Having A Cross To Bare
Go 12 Go
Beeleigh Weir
Mossfell Church, Iceland


1st Tower Hill Car Park by Brian Titchiner

2nd Lugger At Low Water by Eric Morley

3rd Caithness Crystal by Brian Titchiner

H.C. Gondolas Over The Thames by Brian Titchiner

H.C. St Mary’s, Buttsbury by Rob Brabner

H.C. Autumn Teasle by Rob Brabne

H.C. It’s All Above My Head by Rob Brabner

H.C. Mannarino by Jean Gerrish

H.C. Posing by Jean Gerrish

Tower Hill Car Park
Lugger At Low Water
Caithness Crystal
Gondolas over the Thames
St. Mary’s, Buttsbury
Autumn Teasle
It’s All Above My Head


1st Cigar and A Large Scotch by Gary Carter

2nd Urban Wave by Gary Carter

3rd Clouds Over Heybridge Basin by Chris Walters

H.C. Coman Tower by Gary Carter

Cigar and A Large Scotch
Urban Wave
Clouds over Heybridge basin
Coman Tower