1st and overall winning print Baby Snatcher by Dave Wilcox

2nd Lonely Are The Brave by Chris Pugh

3rd A Radiant Lloyds by Chris Ward

H.C. Shall We Dance by Chris Pugh

H.C. Early Morning Glow by Brian Clark

Baby snatcher
Lonely Are The Brave
A Radiant Lloyds
Shall We Dance
Early Morning Glow


1st Bridge In A Mist by Brian Titchiner

2nd Melk Abbey by Jean Gerrish

3rd Head On (Young Ostrich) by Rob Brabner

H.C. Barleylands Wheels by Rob Brabner

H.C. Cross and Jug by Rob Brabner

H.C. Yys Llandwyn, Anglesey by Brian Titchiner

Bridge In A Mist
Head On (Young Ostrich)
Barleylands Wheels
Cross and Jug
Yns Llanddyn Anglesey


1st Oppression by Gary Carter

2nd Another Day Done by Glen Chandler

3rd The Lovely Mellekiou by Gary Carter

H.C. Superstructure by Gary Carter

H.C. Cool by Gary Carter

Another Day Done
The Lovely Mellekiou