1st Alstroemeria by Iris Donovan

2nd St. Mary The Virgin – Colour Infrared by Chris Ward

3rd St. Clement Dane by Dave Wilcox

H.C. Harrow Lodge Park by John Knight

H.C. Bank Station by Dave Wilcox

St. Mary The Virgin- Colour Infrared
St. Clement Dane
Harrow Lodge Park
Bank Station


1st Unwind by Gary Carter

2nd Are These For Me? by Gary Carter

3rd Why Should I Trust You? by Jen Gerrish

Are These For Me?
Why Should I Trust You?


1st Downtown Dubai By Boat by Glen Chandler

2nd Lady Leads The Artic Race by Jackie Morley

3rd The Artiste by Andy Valence

H.C. Movement by Sea by Andy Valence

Downtown Dubai By Boat
Lady Leads The Arctic Race
The Artiste
Movement By Sea