Another Zoom meeting, and it is interesting to see where people are joining us from. Personally, I, like most of us watch from the comfort of my own home.

However, some like to be somewhere more exotic. George likes to enjoy the seaside, sitting by the pier, in his vest, all that is missing is his knotted hanky on his head and his braces, during the break he wanders off to the pier head to play the slot machines. Malcolm goes to the desert as it much cooler there. Joe and David sit in their extensive Libraries. QWDCV or Mick as he likes to be called is sent to the shed or sauna as he likes to call it. Stephen and Mandy have very convincing backdrops, it makes them look as if they are in Spain. While Bob seems to be unaware that the Northern Lights are going on behind him.

It was a family affair as to critiquing with Jeff and Sarah. Jeff doing the Prelim & Intermediate, using what looked like a microphone from the BBC’s museum. Wit Sarah doing the advanced.

Judges for the Preliminary and Intermediate were, David Lund, Eric Bush & Martyn Addison-Smith

Judges for the Advanced Class Sarah & Jeff Oliver & Alf Ellis

It seems that in the Intermediate section at least the new Natural History is Portraiture. It was good to see Southwold Pier from the other side. It’s possible that the author knew Eric was going to be judging and hoped to gain a couple of extra points.

It was good to see an image of a Robin in the Intermediate class, obviously put in to get the “Too big in the frame” comment as an homage to Gordon.

Congratulations to all the winners, their images will appear on the Blog shortly